Clapham, West Sussex

Clapham is a rural parish lying just within the South Downs National Park, near Worthing in West Sussex.

Its Parish Council was created under statute in 1894 and the story of the village is told through the minutes of its meetings since 1895. During its first one hundred years there were just seven different Chairs, the longest serving being Mr Boaz Cornford who served from 1962-1984. Mrs Pat Cleary was its first lady Chair who served from 1985 -2000.

The Parish Council raises a modest sum of money each year by way of a parish precept (a small element of the council tax) which it uses to provide and maintain public facilities, the most significant responsibility being the upkeep of the Recreation Ground.

It liaises at County and District levels to represent the interests of Clapham, and with the South Downs National Park Authority on planning matters.

Clapham West Sussex

Issues such as the entrance to Clapham Street, only feet from the school entrance, and of speed limits and children’s safety have often been discussed at council meetings.