Planning Applications in Clapham

Clapham lies in the South Downs National Park and South Downs National Park are the Local Planning Authority dealing with the consultations for the village. The South Downs National Park Planning Authority has a unique partnership with the local authorities within the National Park and is responsible for the planning and enforcement matters for Arun District Council.

The South Downs Local Plan was adopted by the National Park Authority in July 2019 to conserve and enhance the nationally important landscapes of the South Downs. It is used in the determination of planning applications within the South Downs National Park as the statutory development plan and contains the policies that all planning applications should adhere to.

Those who are contemplating a planning application are encouraged to obtain pre-application advice before doing so to increase the chance of making a high quality planning application that is faster to process.

Full details of the Planning Process can be obtained on the South Downs National Park website.

Conservation Areas

Since 1968, Planning Authorities have had the statutory duty to identify settlements or groups of buildings of architectural and historic interest together with the local power to designate them as Conservation Areas.

Most of Clapham falls within the Clapham Conservation Area, designed to preserve and enhance its character and appearance.  This means that the area is of special architectural, historic or environmental interest, and there are extra planning controls and considerations in place to protect it.