Clapham's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Planning gives local communities the power to shape development in their area through the Localism Act 2011, and address how growth can be managed over a 15-20 year time frame.

Once ‘made’ (adopted), they become part of the statutory development plan for the National Park, and the policies and proposals contained within them are used in the determination of planning applications, including appeals.

Over 50 NDPs are being prepared in the South Downs National Park, these are all shown on the designated neighbourhood areas map.

Update July 2021

The South Downs National Park Authority have confirmed that Clapham’s Neighbourhood Plan – made in 2015 and adopted in 2016 –  is not to be considered out of date, and to wait for the South Downs Local Plan review (starting in 22/23) to allow the Clapham plan to be updated with a better understanding of the up-to-date policy context of a recently updated local plan.