Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to boost local broadband speeds

Rural Gigabit-Capable Broadband Voucher Scheme

Expression of Interest

Parts of the Parishes of Clapham and Patching have poor broadband speed and even those who are reasonably well served might be able to get a better speed. The Government and WSCC are currently offering service providers a grant if they help rural communities improve their broadband connection.

You are not committing to anything at this stage, although if a better broadband speed or connection would be of interest to you please let us know by completing this ‘Expression of Interest’.

Patching Parish Council is at an advanced stage of negotiations with Openreach, one of the providers, and the scheme is open to residents of Clapham and also some residents in Angmering.

Title and full Name:

Full Postal Address:

Do you run a business from this address (SME)? Yes or No:
Business name at this address:

Email address:

Landline telephone number:

Current Broadband supplier:

Usual internet download speed (or range)_______-______Mbps

I wish to express my initial interest in this scheme and understand I am not entering into a contract at this stage.

I give permission for Clapham and Patching Parish Councils to confidentially store my personal details for the purposes of the Rural Gigabit-Capable Broadband Voucher Scheme

I consent to Clapham and Patching Parish Councils sharing my personal details (address, post code and landline number) with the infrastructure broadband supplier and West Sussex County Council as part of the process to install a fibre broadband local network under the Rural Gigabit-Capable Broadband Voucher Scheme

Please complete and return by email to: patchingpc@gmail.com

By 19 February 2021