The Horse Chestnut Tree

The Horse Chestnut tree is of course such a lovely tree with special memories for the parish, although being located in a public area and in such close proximity to both the new path and indeed The Junction, the health and safety of visitors to the Recreation ground must come first.

Just days after the tree’s annual assessment at the end of April this year highlighting the potential for collapse of individual branches, a bough broke off hitting a van but it could so easily have struck someone with unthinkable consequences.

The plans are not to fell the tree entirely but leave the tree stump at a height such that it can be used as a table.

The council also intends to replace the old circular seat, as this couldn’t happen before as it would have effectively encouraged people to congregate under a tree with the potential to fail.

There are also plans to plant a native walnut sapling and Prince Charles’ recent unveiling of ‘Tree-bilee’ to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne will be an opportunity to plant further trees, subject to the consent of the Recreation Ground trustees.

The date for the tree work has yet to be confirmed – it is not the 25 May 2021 which is currently circulating – with the Council waiting to hear from the South Downs National Park Planning Authority following its application.